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In recent years, Germany has welcomed foreign investors and entrepreneurs, making it much easier to enter Germany. One way to invest is by registering a company in Germany.


Common questions 

What is it like to get a residence permit in Germany by registering a company?
The law establishing a company in Germany allows foreign nationals to start a business in that country and obtain German residency to manage it. One of the most common ways to start a business in Germany is to register a company.


What is the minimum investment in Germany to obtain residency through company registration?
The exact amount of investment to receive residence in Germany through company registration is not considered (between 1 and 25 thousand euros), but this does not mean that you do not need to invest. It means you have to have the capital to start your own business plus the expenses for the next year of the company.


One year expenses of the company:
Your twelve months salary as a company manager
One year office rent
One year salary of hired employees (if required)
Audit and tax costs
Other costs such as advertising and… (if required)


What is the process and steps for obtaining a German residency by registering a company?
First, your documents are officially translated and approved by the German Embassy. The approved documents, in addition to the justification plan, will be sent to the lawyers of Soroush Farda Law Firm in Germany, so that after the approval of the justification plan, the company will be registered in your name at the Companies Registration Office in your German state. After registering the company, a bank account will be opened for your company and after that, you will receive a quarterly visa by visiting the embassy. Then you have to go to Germany and do the initial steps of the justification plan.


Do family members also receive residency?
Yes, you can send invitations to your family members after completing the initial steps of the business plan.


Does this type of residence lead to permanent residence and a passport (citizenship)?
After a period of three years, if the launched company succeeds (according to the justification plan), the temporary residence will become a permanent residence in Germany (permanent residence in Europe).


What are the restrictions on obtaining German residency by registering a company (without minimum investment)?

  • The cost of immigrating to Germany and obtaining residency this way is relatively high.
  • Required documents related to economic activity in the country of origin.
  • The cost of renewal and annual taxation of this method is significant.
  • Obligation to obtain sufficient assets or pensions to support living in Germany for applicants over 45 years of age.
  • It is mandatory to provide a German language certificate for applicants who do not have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • The requirement of providing an A1 language certificate (Basic level) for spouse and children over 16 years old

What are the necessary documents to register a company in Germany and obtain European residency through this?

  • Company registration documents in Germany
  • Applicant identification documents
  • Documents of an active company in Iran with a valid and relevant activity history (at least one year)
  • License to operate in Germany (for some jobs)

How long does the process of obtaining German residency by registering a company take?
The whole process usually takes between 7 and 10 months.


What are the conditions for extending your stay in Germany by registering a company?

  • Pay annual tax
  • Be able to pay your own salary and insurance for the next year and the company’s annual expenses
  • The profitability of the company

10 reasons to invest and register a company in Germany according to the analytical economic site GTAI

Leader of the global economy

It can be said that Germany is the economic engine of Europe. Investors and entrepreneurs in this country can enjoy the economic benefits of the world’s fourth-largest economy.


One of the main players in the global economy

Germany is the world’s third-largest exporter in close competition with China and the United States and is one of the best countries for foreign investors with a € 469 billion FDI index.


Top manufacturer

Germany is one of the largest producers in the world with guaranteed quality and reputable products in the world. Labor rates have also fallen recently. The growing trend of the global market in this country and the quality and popular products of Germany have made it one of the countries of interest to investors.


Excellent workforce

The education system as well as higher education in Germany is one of the best in the world. For this reason, this system will bring skilled and capable workers into the German labor market.


The power of creativity and innovation

Germany is the number one country in Europe in terms of innovation and inventions. German inventors receive billions of euros in research funding from the federal government each year to continue to drive inventions and innovation in Europe and the world.


Top global infrastructure

Due to Germany being in the heart of Europe and the number one logistics market in Europe, Germany is an ideal market for foreign investors. Proper infrastructure and platform in terms of communications and energy as well as the global transportation system in this country guarantee the shortest way to succeed in this country.


Invite motivated investors in attractive projects

Germany offers many attractions for investors. It offers very attractive investment programs. These investment opportunities are very comprehensive and include all tastes and areas for investment.


Appropriate tax situation

Germany has reduced the tax rate for companies and entrepreneurs in this country. The reform of the tax law in this country has helped investors and entrepreneurs in this country a lot. The federal government has made this reduction to make it easier for investors to work, as well as to keep labor costs low.


Secure investment framework

The developed economy as well as the government’s pro-investment policies have provided a safe environment for investment and entrepreneurship in the country. Contracts, guarantees, obligations, etc. are performed in this country in a strong and secure framework and under the supervision of legal authorities.


Quality of Life

Germany has a modern, safe and resilient society. This country has high standards of living in the world and also the system of education and higher education as well as the system of social security and health insurance in this country is one of the best in the world. Also, many opportunities in the field of cultural, social, and sports for some Provided to live in this country.


Steps to register a company in Germany and invest in this country:
Submitting a business plan to the German government (business plan)
The investor who presents the business and economic plan must implement economic justification on his plan and present compelling reasons.

This business plan must be approved by the German Government Chamber of Commerce, and after the approval and issuance of the business license, the applicant can start his trade or commercial activity. Of course, people who want to have a personal activity, such as a carpet shop, restaurant, and local supermarket… need a special permit issued by the German government in this area (business license is issued).


limited liability company requirement:

  • The business plan
  • Company registration letter,
  • Statute,
  • Post shift announcement,
  • Obtaining a trade union license,
  • German translation of all required documents
  • Expenses and amounts paid
  • The minimum investment and company registration in Germany is 25,000 euros
  • The cost of registering a company is about 3,000 euros

The investor must prove that in general, he will be able to pay the main and ancillary expenses, as well as the ability to provide his monthly salary and the expenses of his wife and children.


Investor conditions:
At least 20 years old and if you are over 45 years old, you must have a large income and capital and prove all your financial resources.

Only investors who do not have a university degree (undergraduate) must provide a German language degree, and companions (spouse and children under the age of 16) must also provide a language degree at the Basic level.


Granting a one-year residence card
After registering the company in Germany and completing the necessary work, the investor and his companions (children under 16 years old) are given a one-year residence card with which he will be allowed to travel in Europe (Schengen area).

In order to extend this one-year residence, by paying taxes on time and extending the company’s activity, it can extend the license for several years, after which the investor will be granted permanent residence in Germany for 3 to 5 years.


Company Registration Ltd GmbH
Starting a new business in Germany is one way to stay in Germany. One way is to register a GmbH or Limited Liability Company.  This type of company is the most suitable type of company for small and medium businesses in order to be credible.

At least 25,000 euros is the initial capital required. At least half of this amount, ie 12,500 euros, must be in the applicant’s account at the time of registration. There are also fees for registering a company, which include the certification of the notary and the amount determined by the court. The cost of registering a company and publishing a company registration for GmbH is at least 600 to 700 Euros, which may increase during the GmbH registration process.


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