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Honduras’ geographical location and having a democratic government with a free market economy has made Honduras an attractive place to invest.
The government has adopted strategic policies to improve the investment climate, such as fiscal order, macroeconomic stability, anti-corruption, infrastructure development, implementation of structural regulatory reforms, and overall productivity.

The Honduran government has a plan to create 600,000 jobs by 2020 to do so by attracting foreign investment.

General Questions 

What is a 4ca visa and what are its benefits?
There is an agreement between the four countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua called the 4ca visa, which actually stands for 4Centrak amreica. If this visa is issued by any of these 4 countries, one can travel to other countries as well.

How long does it take to get a Honduran residency?
Residence in this country is generally issued after three years, and its issuance for investment groups may be less than three years.

If our child is born in Honduras, will he / she be granted citizenship?
Yes. Honduran law is the law of the land. If a child is born in Honduras, he or she will be granted a passport and citizenship.

What is the corporate income tax?
25% of trade profit

The benefits of company registration in Honduras

  • Obtaining Honduran citizenship for the investor and family members
  • strategic location,
  • A growing industrial base,
  • Young population (65% of the population) and growing
  • 11 trade agreements in force with countries such as the U.S, Canada, South Korea and regions such as Central America and the European Union

The disadvantage of company registration in Honduras

  • Lack of adequate security
  • Incompatible and expensive energy
  • Corruption
  • Weak institutions
  • High crime rate
  • Low level of education
  • Poor infrastructure

Type or company registration in Honduras

  • Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (a limited liability company)
  • Sociedad Anónima (Public limited company)

The company registration process 

  • Request to establish a company
  • Determine the company name and obtain name confirmation
  • Preparation of company articles of association with all details (type of company, fields of activity, names of shareholders and their share, appointment of CEO, company address)
  • Registration of company documents in the notary
  • Company registration in the Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Industries (Mercantile)
  • Opening bank account for comapany
  • File with the tax office (Registro Tributario Nacional RTN) and obtain a tax number for the company
  • Obtaining an activity license from the municipality where the company is located
  • Obtaining export and import licenses
  • Registration in the Social Housing Fund (Régimen de Aportaciones Privadas RAP)
  • Enrollment in the Social Insurance Institute (Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social IHSS)
  • File filing at the Instituto (Hondureño de Formación Profesional INFOP)