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Kazakhstan is a country with an area of ​​2,717,300 square kilometers, part of this vast country is located in Asia and part of it is located in Europe, although the country is in the category of Asian countries and its capital is city of Nur-Sultan( Astana) and common language is Kazakh and Russian. It is bordered by Russia to the north, China to the east, Kyrgyzstan to the southeast, Uzbekistan to the south, and Turkmenistan to the southwest. The northeastern shores of the Caspian Sea are located in this country.
Kyrgyzstan has the richest underground resources, ranking second in uranium, chromium, and lead, third in manganese and fourth in copper, and tenth in coal, iron, and gold, and It is also the 11th largest source of oil and natural gas in the world.

General Questions

How long does it take to register a company in Kazakhstan?
About 20 to 25 days

How much capital should the company have?
For joint stock companies 490 thousand US dollars
For limited liability companies approximately US $ 1,000

What are Kazakhstan’s export products?
Petroleum products, nickel, zinc, silver

How much is the corporate tax?
20 %

Which countries import the most Kazakhstan?
Russia with 38%, China with 16.55%, Germany with 5.55%, Italy with 4.60%, USA with 4.1% and the rest of Kazakhstan imports from Turkey, South Korea, France, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

Where are the most important destinations for Kazakhstan’s exports?
European countries, Russia, China. Because these countries are in dire need of Kazakhstan’s oil, gas, minerals and agriculture.

Which country is Kazakhstan’s main export destination?
Italy with 19.25%

If a child is born in Kazakhstan, can he / she become a citizen of this country?
Citizenship of Kazakhstan is the law of blood. If the parents have acquired Kazakh citizenship, their child can also obtain Kazakh citizenship.

The benefits of company registration in Kazakhstan

  • Government support for foreign investment along with economic and political stability.
  • Sixth country in the world in terms of reserves and natural resources and minerals
  • Convenient geographical location in Eurasia (through which large regions of Asia and the Pacific are connected to the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe)

The disadvantage of company registration in Kazakhstan

  • 20% tax for foreign and domestic companies
  • Most people speak only Russian and Kazakh, and communication between the investor and the people and government officials is difficult.
  • Kazakhstan’s judicial system is not advanced and copyright is ignored in the country.
  • Kazakhstan suffers from high levels of corruption, which are obstacles to the country’s economic development.
  • Exports of goods to Kazakhstan are usually made by paying bribes to customs officers, while the government tariff is 3.4%.
  • Lack of proper transportation and many licenses are among the economic barriers.
  • Investor acceptance infrastructure is very weak.
  • Kazakhstan’s trade relations with the European Economic Union are severely restricted

Type of company 

  • LLP – Limited Partnership
  • JCS – Private Joint Stock Company
  • Open branch or representative office

The company registration process 

  • Company registration application
  • Specify the name and get its confirmation
  • Preparation and regulation of the company’s articles of association
  • Submitting all the mentioned documents to the Justice Department
  • Compliance of documents with the laws of Kazakhstan by the Department of Justice
  • Entering information related to the establishment of a representative office, branch or independent branch in the national database and issuing a receipt based on it
  • Registration of the company in the Statistics and Tax Office
  • Get a legal stamp
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining the relevant permit from the Immigration Office (if the company, branch or agency wants to hire an employee or a foreigner).