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Lebanon, known as the bride country of the Middle East, with Beirut as its capital, is one of the Arab countries in the Middle East that enjoys an excellent strategic geographical position due to its divorce from the Mediterranean and the Arab world. This has made it the focus of many world powers throughout history. With the highest non-oil per capita income among the Arab countries, it has shown great interest in investing and developing its infrastructure, and has paid special attention to it.

Lebanon’s economy is mainly based on tourism, trade, services, agriculture, finance and banking, and the development of tourism in Beirut has made the city known as the Paris of the Middle East. The Lebanese monetary value combined with the high income of the Lebanese people as well as the appropriate level of social welfare in Lebanon and the welcome of investment in this country have led many investors to seek business development or have easier trade with the Arab world and Europe. Travel to this country and seek residence in this country by registering a company in Lebanon.

General Questions

How is investing through entrepreneurship in Lebanon?
The Lebanese entrepreneurial visa is a new case announced by the Lebanese Immigration Office for 2019. According to the rules stated in this visa, those who intend to use this visa generally have a very strong work idea and must be able to pursue their business idea. In case of lack of initial budget, the Lebanese government will use auxiliary funds. Investing as a representative of a company in Lebanon means that people must first talk to the parent company and reach a single conclusion, if the profit and loss situation and the company are accurately assessed, these conditions will be provided to invest in a precise direction.

Does Lebanon grant residency and citizenship to those who invest?
A Lebanese passport is issued after living in the country for 10 years. Lebanese passports are easier to export.

Can a child born in Lebanon receive residency and citizenship?
It is not possible to obtain Lebanese citizenship through the birth of a child in this country, and a child can only acquire Lebanese citizenship if he or she is born to parents who are Lebanese citizens, in which case the child’s blood system is considered.

How long does it take to register a limited liability company in Lebanon?
Two to three working days

What is the minimum capital required to register a limited liability company in Lebanon?
5 thousand Lebanese lira

What is the profit tax for large companies and limited businesses in Lebanon?
15% tax after deducting all company expense

Is it possible to get a residence permit in Lebanon by buying a property?
You will not be allowed to buy a house in Lebanon as long as you are not a Lebanese citizen or a permanent resident of Lebanon.

The benefits of company registration in Lebanon

  • Economic security and geopolitical position of the country in the region
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Receive Lebanese residency
  • Receive special investment incentives

Types of company registration in Lebanon

  • Limited liability (incorporating a limited liability company)
  • Overseas company (registering offshore)
  • Branch of a foreign company (registering a branch of a foreign company)
  • Registering a representative office
  • Holding (incorporating a holding company)
  • Special joint stock company (incorporating a joint stock company)

Government incentives for investors in Lebanon

The Lebanese government has provided incentives for companies that make large investments and create more jobs:

  • Full exemption from project income tax up to 10 years
  • Full exemption from dividend tax on projects up to 10 years
  • Full exemption from land registration fees
  • Reduction of work and residence permit fees up to 50%
  • Reduction of construction permit fees up to a maximum of 50%
  • Obtaining work permits for all groups.

Investments in the following centers are exempt from tax:

  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals, orphanages
  • Consumer cooperatives
  • Trade unions
  • Agricultural cooperatives of non-commercial nature
  • Agricultural investments that do not intend to sell their products.
  • Maritime and local transport companies as well as foreign ones (in the case of foreign transport companies, the exemption is subject to
  • Lebanese companies also operating in those countries)
  • Tourism institutions
  • Profits to be invested

The company registration process 

Documents required for company registration

  • Articles of Association or By-Laws of the Company.
  • Opening a bank account to register the company’s capital.
  • Minutes of the General Assembly of the company.
  • Company registration form.
  • Business turnover.

Providing basic legal documents

  • The articles of association of the company must be signed by the founders of the company at the official notary office.
  • Appointment of a manager, legal advisor and auditor (Appointment of an accountant if the company’s capital is more than 30 million
  • Lebanese lira (20 thousand dollars) or the company’s annual turnover is more than 750 million lira or 500 thousand dollars.)
  • Completion of the business turnover that has been signed by the manager or managers of the company.
  • Complete the company registration application form.
  • Pay the office fee only to certify the company’s bylaws. This fee includes 1% of the registered capital of the company, 8500 Lebanese lira per page and a fixed amount of 90 thousand lira.

Submit the following documents to the Commercial Court of the main residence of the company

  • Company registration application form.
  • Company regulations.
  • Minutes of the General Assembly of Partners.
  • Business turnover.
  • Bank deposit turnover.
  • Picture of identity documents of shareholders or partners.
  • Ownership document or lease of the company’s head office registered with the municipality.
    * Ask the Commercial Court to appoint an Honorary Inspector.
    * Payment of stamp duty (about 150 thousand liras and registration fee)
    * Payment of 50% of the stamp duty for the cost of the Joint Trial Fund.

Registration in the Bar Association

  • Submission of a certificate on the appointment of a legal advisor by the Bar Association.
  • Payment of the Bar Association, which includes one tenth of the company’s capital and a fixed amount of 100,000 Lebanese lira.
Payment of tolls in the Ministry of Finance
  • Payment of tax stamp duty to the Lebanese Ministry of Finance, which includes the amount of 750 lira plus 3 tenths of the company’s capital.
  • Receive approved copies of registration certificate, articles of association, business turnover and minutes of the General Assembly.
  • Assign a tax number (economic code) to the company.
  • It should be noted that the company must notify the Ministry of
  • Finance of the start of its activities within two months after registration, otherwise it will be fined two million liras.

Freeing up capital

  • After submitting the following documents to the bank, the company’s capital, which was blocked during the registration process, will be released.
  • Certified image of company regulations.
  • Minutes of the Assembly.
  • Certified image of the registration certificate.
  • Approved business turnover image.