Malaysia My Second Home

Who can apply for Malaysia Second Home Residence Program (MM2H‌)?
All people of any nationality, regardless of race, religion, gender or age, can apply for membership in the Malaysian Second Home (MM2H) Residence Program after approval by the Malaysian government. In addition, applicants are allowed to bring their spouse and children (children under 21 and single) to Malaysia.

Who licenses my Second Home Malaysia (MM2H) program?
My Second Home Malaysia (MM2H) Malaysia Program is licensed by the Department of Tourism and Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia.

Do I need to be in Malaysia at the time of application?
No. All you have to do is fill out the application form and the Malaysian government will get the Malaysian visa و and شرکت the company and the applicant will only go to Malaysia to get the last MM2H visa stamp.

Can buying a high value home in Malaysia speed up the process?
For more information in this regard, please contact our consultants.

What kind of foreign income is eligible to apply for my second home Malaysia MM2H scheme?
Pension, fixed monthly salary or monthly rent from your bank-approved real estate should be considered as foreign income.

When is it necessary to offer a fixed deposit?
After obtaining the initial residency agreement, members must make a fixed deposit in one of the Malaysian banks (150,000 ringgit ($40000USD) for people over 50 and 300,000 ringgit ($ 75000 USD) for people under 50).

When can a fixed deposit be withdrawn from Malaysian banks?
As long as you are a member of MM2H in Malaysia, you do not have the right to withdraw your deposit from the bank, and one year after staying in Malaysia, the total amount can be except RM 150,000 ($35000 USD) for people under 50 and RM 100,000 ($20000USD) for people over 50. In order to buy real estate, pay for your children’s education or treatment. The amount that remains in your account is your residence permit and you can withdraw it in full when you want to end your stay in Malaysia.

Is it possible to withdraw the capital from the bank for a while and return it after a few months?
No, none of the members are allowed to do this except for a really necessary job that is licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism.

Is it possible to work in Malaysia under this visa?
Under the new Malaysian government law, participants 50 years of age or older who have skills or expertise will be allowed to work in one of the government departments that require it, provided that it is less than 20 hours per week.

Will the spouse and children of Malaysia be granted a second home (MM2H)?
Yes, this residence is granted to your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

Can members enroll their children in Malaysian international schools?
Yes, but upon arrival and at the time of obtaining the permit, they must be under 21 years of age and single and apply for a Malaysian student visa at the same time.

Do pre-school children also need a Malaysian student visa?
No, children under the age of 7 do not need a Malaysian study visa and only a companion visa is sufficient for them.

Do children over the age of 21 who go to Malaysia to study need a deposit?
No, it is not necessary to do so, it is enough to get accepted from one of the Malaysian institutions or universities and come to Malaysia with a student visa.

Children who are under the age of 21 at the time of applying for admission and can stay in Malaysia after the age of 21?
Yes, the validity of the visa remains valid.
Children over the age of 21 can stay only with a student visa or other residence visa.

Are children born after the residence of their parents in Malaysia included in the residence laws?
Yes, children are subject to parental regulations and are considered residents.

Can applicants for long-term residency in Malaysia own real estate in Malaysia?
All applicants for this program can purchase property in Malaysia. But the value of each property should not be less than 2,000,000 ringgit.

What happens if the deceased’s immigrant dies in Malaysia? And what is the duty of the heirs?
There is no prohibition if the deceased has a will that identifies the heir of his property, otherwise the deceased’s closest relative must request the Malaysian government to transfer the deceased’s property to the heirs.
It should be noted that there is no inheritance tax for foreign investors.

Do you need a permit from the Foreign Investment Committee (FIC) to buy a property in Malaysia?
No, foreign investors covered by My Second Home Malaysia Program (MM2H) do not need to obtain a FIC license, but their membership must be notified in a formal letter to the Foreign Investment Committee by the relevant state authorities.

Is there a profit tax on the sale of the house?
No, property VAT was abolished in 2007.

Is it possible to apply for a loan to buy a house?
According to the new Malaysian government decree in 2019, no loans will be granted by the Malaysian government to foreign nationals, this decree is temporary and may change in the future.

What taxes do MM2H program members receive?
Income tax is levied only on those who earn income from investing in Malaysian domestic companies or the Malaysian stock market, and non-Malaysian income is not taxable.

Are incomes from abroad also taxable?
Under the new tax laws, the Malaysian government has declared all Malaysian income abroad tax-free.

Do we need to get a Malaysian certificate with an international certificate? Or must a special permit be obtained?
Malaysia recognizes international certificates and you do not need to obtain a Malaysian certificate or approval and you are allowed to drive while your international certificate is valid.

Are we allowed to bring a maid to Malaysia by joining the MM2H program?
The Government of Malaysia allows members of the My Second Home Malaysia Plan – MM2H to bring in a female maid from their own country, who should have no family relationship with you and the maid should be between 25 and 40 years old.

If we want to have an employee in Malaysia, how should we apply?
After joining this program and staying in Malaysia, you can go to the Department of Foreign Employees at the Office of Foreign Citizens and submit your application in writing, and it takes 2 or 3 months for the legal process to be completed.

What type of insurance is available to MM2H members in Malaysia?
All your family members can use health or hospital insurance, which covers 100% of the cost of treatment within the set limit.
The cost of insurance in Malaysia is lower than in Iran and other countries.

Is the 10 year Malaysian MM2H visa renewable? What are the conditions for extending your stay?
Yes, the Malaysian government initially issues a visa with a validity of 10 years, and after the end of these 10 years, the renewal process is obtained by submitting a bank statement, a fixed deposit account and the latest pay slip, including health insurance.
Be sure to renew your MM2H visa three months before it expires.

My stay is not valid for more than 5 years. Is it possible to stay for 10 years?
Under the new law passed by the Malaysian government, the residence visa of people whose visa was initially valid for 5 years will be increased to 10 years, provided that their passport is valid.

Membership in Malaysia Second Home Residence Program (MM2H‌) is possible for] Which nationalities?
Almost any nationality (even people who are married to a Malay) can enroll in the program.

Why is Malaysia suitable for your retirement?
Malaysia is a country with beautiful natural attractions, low cost of living and health services and high living standards, so it provides an ideal place for retirees to have a full-time servant, gardener and cook at a low cost. Enjoy your quiet retirement.

Can participants buy the property?
All applicants can buy residential property and the minimum purchase price for foreigners is set by the Malaysian government. The minimum price (as of January 2018) is 2,000,000 ringgit for most states.

Can I buy a house to live in and a shop to rent?
No, you are only allowed to buy residential property.

Do I have to pay the annual tax on my purchased property like the locals?
Yes, the assessed tax is a local tax that is determined by local authorities based on the annual rental value of the property in question. In general, the tax rate for residential property is 6% and is paid in two parts.
Quit Rent
Quit rent is the local tax on landed property, which has an annual rate of 1 cent (US $ 0.31) to 2 cents (US $ 0.62) per square meter, while 1 ringgit equals 100 cents. . The quit rent rate is generally considered to be less than 100 ringgit (US $ 31) per year.

Do foreigners only have to buy newly built Malaysian properties, or can they buy any type of property from ordinary people (second-hand or second-hand property)?
They can buy any type of residential property approved by the CF (Certificate of Eligibility).

Is the applicant who bought a second-hand domestic car exempt from tax?
Used cars that are traded between buyers and sellers are present and the government does not charge any sales tax or indirect taxes for such transactions. While such a tax exemption does not occur.

If I have an accident with my car and as a result I have to change my car, do I have to pay the exempt tax?
The following conditions are considered:
If the car is repaired and sold, the tax will be based on the existing tax rate.
If the car is obsolete and unusable, tax evasion will be waived.
If the applicant wishes to purchase another car, his application will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Under normal circumstances, an applicant in this case enjoys tax exemption at the same time.

If my children are married and want to study in Malaysia with their spouse, do they have to prove their commitment to pay the deposit?
It is not necessary, they can apply for a student visa once the place of study has been determined.

Why are the files of some applicants not accepted?
Most unsolved cases are due to incomplete financial requirements, for example fixed deposits and foreign income documents are the minimum requirements.
In order to overcome the changes in the way of completing the documents, a very strong financial support is required, which can include bank deposit declarations, financial declarations and certificates of ancillary income obtained through rent, pensions, etc. All of these statements are defined as a side effect of the process.

When do I have to complete the admission requirements and get my 10 year residency visa after that?
You can apply for a 10-year visa up to 6 months after the date of your initial acceptance letter.

If the applicant has been living in Malaysia for a long time, can he / she apply for this type of residence?
Yes, he / she can apply if he / she completes all the financial requirements and other documents and has a valid Social Visa at the time of applying for a 10-year residence permit.

Can I get medical care in Malaysia?
24-hour clinics, medical centers, hospitals can be found in all cities and states of Malaysia. Their cost is also comparable.

Referring to the use of cash assets as part of financial requirements, can these assets be a partnership?
Yes, these assets can be in your own name, in the name of your spouse, or both.

Is there a problem if my family and I have different nationalities when applying for a 10-year residency?
not at all. Of course, when you have valid and sufficient documents to prove your family relationship.

Can a divorced person participate in this type of residence with his children?
Yes, if the divorced person has a divorce certificate and children’s birth certificate to prove their family relationship.

Can people who have been adopted also apply for residency?
Yes, when you have sufficient and appropriate legal documents to prove your family relationship.

How can you bring your parents to Malaysia under this type of residence?
Parents of people with MM2H residency can obtain a companion visa if they are over 60 years of age. Applying for a parent’s residency visa is done after completing your 10-year residency process. Valid and necessary documents that are proof of your family relationship are necessary for successful admission.

Is it possible to deposit a fixed deposit amount in any currency?
No, only Malaysian ringgit is accepted and also only deposit in one of the Malaysian banks.

What will be the terms of interest on fixed deposits?
You can receive the profit annually. Please discuss this with your bank manager. Also, all profits are tax deductible.

Is it possible to return the entire amount of the fixed deposit to your country after completing your 10-year stay in Malaysia?
Yes . When you provide sufficient evidence to the bank and state the purpose of this transfer.

Can my children attend Malaysian public and indigenous schools?
No. Such schools are intended for Malay students only.

Do I have to apply for my children’s student visa despite receiving a long-term residence in Malaysia?
No is not required. My second home Malaysia visa – MM2H is also used for this purpose.

I have lived in a country other than my own, can I bring my used car to Malaysia under a ten-year Malaysian residence visa?
Yes, you can bring your car to Malaysia within six months of receiving your ten year Malaysian residence visa.

Is it possible to transfer your residence visa to a new passport with a new nationality?
Yes, you can provide proof of your new nationality and apply for a residence visa.

What do I need to do if I want to work in Malaysia?
You can cancel your residence visa and turn it into a work visa.

Is there a problem if the applicant’s companions are unable to come to Malaysia with the applicant while obtaining a Malaysian Long-stay Visa (MM2H) (when the visa stamp is applied to the passport)?
Initially, the main applicant receives a Malaysian second home visa, and the visa stamp is inserted into his / her passport, and then his / her companions receive the visa. They can do this at any time during these 10 years or whenever they enter Malaysia.

What will happen if a person gets married after entering Malaysia and wants his wife to participate in this program?
This person must present his / her marriage certificate and at the same time this marriage must be approved by the embassy.

Why is there only 6 months to enter Malaysia since the initial MM2H confirmation letter was issued?
The validity period of the entry visa is to stamp by the Malaysian Embassy. By applying for an entry visa, you will be given another 2 months to come to Malaysia.

If a person loses time to enter Malaysia with an entry visa, can he enter Malaysia with a tourist visa?
For those coming to Malaysia on a tourist visa, a Journey Performed visa is stamped, and the cost of stamping each passport is 520 ringgit.

If the MM2H certification is revoked, can the visa still be stamped on the passport?
It is usually not possible. However, you may want to extend your confirmation letter for another six months with good reason. You must apply for an extension of the confirmation letter only one month before the expiration date of the previous letter.

Is it possible to open an account in the Bank of Malaysia first and then return to Malaysia to get a visa stamp?
It is possible and also the relevant department can facilitate the work of opening a bank account for you. Before arriving in Malaysia, announce your arrival plan in Malaysia. In this case, you may want to enter with a tourist visa. It is recommended that you use your entry visa letter for all family members during the next trip to obtain a visa stamp.

Do I have to submit an agreement to get a fixed deposit from the bank?
Yes, participants must apply for a fixed deposit from the bank with the prior agreement of the Ministry of Tourism.

Is it possible to withdraw the entire amount of the fixed deposit from the bank if you end your stay under a ten-year Malaysian visa?
Yes, applicants can withdraw the deposit amount from the bank if they wish to obtain a prior agreement from the Ministry of Tourism.

When can a fixed deposit be withdrawn from the bank?
After a period of one year, the applicant can withdraw half of his / her fixed deposit from the bank to cover expenses such as buying housing, educating children in Malaysia and medical treatment, or when he no longer wants to stay in Malaysia by notifying the Ministry of Tourism. To announce. Applicants who want to receive half of their deposit after one year can do so with the prior agreement of the Ministry of Tourism.

Is it possible to open a restaurant, bookstore or clinic under this type of accommodation in Malaysia?
Yes, you can start a business in Malaysia.

Can I stay in Malaysia by marrying a Malay person or having a child in Malaysia?
The process of obtaining residency through marriage in Malaysia and the birth of a child is a complex and almost impossible process

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