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Macau is an autonomous region in East Asia that was a colony of the Portuguese Empire until 1999 and was later returned to China. Its economy is heavily dependent on gambling and tourism, making it the largest gambling center in Asia, with the highest gambling revenue since 2006, and a growing financial center abroad. Macau has significant benefits for its residents. There is no VAT (sales tax) in Macau. Macau welcomes all foreign investors if the plan promotes long-term benefits for the economy and creates jobs.

General Questions

How long does it take to register a company in Macau?
About 5 months

What language do the people of Macau speak?
Most Macau people are fluent in English and their Chinese accent is Cantonese.

Is Macau a city?
Macao, like Hong Kong, is a part of China that is a separate island. The city has its own rules, visas, money, transportation system.

Is Macau safe?
Macau is one of the safest tourist destinations in China.

What are the reasons for Macau China’s fame?

  • China’s most important business district, which is an autonomous region.
  • The variety of attractions and tourist attractions of this city is so great that Macau has been called Las Vegas city and Asia.
  • Macau Airport is perfectly located on the seabed; This means that if you look out the window when the plane lands, you think you are about to land on the water.
  • Macau buildings are very similar to Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Macau is the second richest region in the world.

The benefits of company registration in


  • A stable financial system and a platform for economic interaction with mainland China and other Portuguese-speaking countries
  • Low tax rates for offshore companies and operating costs
  • There is no sales tax (VAT).
  • Satisfactory business environment
  • Potential Marine Service Center

The disadvantage of company registration in


  • No exemption for export of goods with other countries
  • Company registration costs are slightly higher than Hong Kong

Type of company registration

  • Macau limited company
  • Macau holdings limited company
  • Foreign Branches

The company registration process 

  • Company registration application
  • Request for registration
  • Preparation and regulation of the company’s articles of association with complete details of shareholders and the amount of shares, company managers, address)
  • Payment of company registration costs
  • Company registration
  • Opening a bank account and depositing the company’s capital
  • Forming a company file in the tax office and obtaining a tax code