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Macedonia is a very developing country in the southeastern part of Europe, which has provided the best business environment. European countries are considered a very important privilege. The process of emigration to Macedonia is more in the business and business routes, the situation is that in this country the conditions of immigration are followed professionally and those who choose Macedonia for immigration believe that this country is a viable environment. It has confidence to enter the trade lines. Of course, the trade route in European countries is a bit difficult, but its profitability conditions are very important and it has certain functions. In any case, it is clear that Macedonia’s immigration ranks are improving day by day, and the government has considered this a very important issue. In recent years, Macedonia has been a very important point in terms of exports and imports, and fortunately profitability in The country has grown by more than 5%. Macedonia’s immigration trend has changed in the coming years, and of course immigration rankings are very important in this regard. Residence in Macedonia is pursued professionally.


  • Possibility of opening a bank account in European banks and easy exchange of foreign currency funds of companies and industries
  • Free movement to all EU and Schengen member states without the need for a Schengen tourist visa
  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residence in Europe for the company manager and his family, including spouse and children under 18 years
  • Possibility of obtaining a Macedonian passport if the quorum of 70 is reached
  • Issuing the necessary permits in a simple and fast way

Type of company

Companies in Europe are generally divided into four categories, which are usually done online:

Private company: Private companies are privately owned and are the simplest type of company.
Limited Liability Company: These companies can be private or public. Limited liability companies make up the largest number of registered companies.
Partnerships: These companies are suitable for those who want to start a small business or business.
Subsidiaries or Agencies: These companies are actually agents of companies in other countries that want to be registered in the destination countries and operate in these countries.


Information and documents required to register a company

  • Scan the passports of the founder and CEO
  • Name, type and field of activity of the company
  • Provide at least two selected names for the company name
  • Determine the percentage of shares of each partner and specify the CEO
  • The time required to register a company is three weeks
  • No need for a Macedonian partner or CEO
  • It needs a shareholder and a CEO who can be from any country
  • The capital per share is 5,000 euros