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Malaysia is one of the most modern countries in Southeast Asia and has great cultural diversity. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur. The beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur is located on the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. The city is a fusion of old culture and tradition and modern urban texture and has more than 40 airlines as well as a port called Klong, 41 km from the city center. The city has a good transportation service in and out of the city and you can use a variety of vehicles such as subway, bus, train or taxi. This Asian tourist attraction is located 35 km from the sea and its culture is a combination of three cultures. Mainly Malay, Chinese, and Hindi. The land-based economy attracts the most tourists’ economic attention by planting and harvesting rubber for rubber production and fishing.

General Questions 

Can we get a Malaysian residence visa for ourselves and our family by registering a company?
Yes. 2-year work visa and renewable

Do we need a Malay partner to register a company?
If you have a Malay partner, the initial capital of the company can be 100 thousand dollars, otherwise it is equivalent to 160 thousand dollars.

What is the condition for obtaining a work residence in Malaysia?
Receive the applicant’s monthly salary from the Malaysian employer up to Rs 5,000.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Malaysian work visa?
Having an invitation from a Malaysian employer, having a bachelor’s degree or higher, professional work history, English language proficiency certificate.

How long is a Malaysian work visa valid for?
2 years and renewable

What are the requirements for obtaining a Residence Pass Talent Malaysia work visa?
Applicants for this type of visa must be people with special skills. The validity period of this type of visa is 10 years.

Is it necessary to have a degree to obtain a Malaysian work visa?
Yes. At least a bachelor’s degree and for some jobs a master’s degree.

Is it possible to obtain a Malaysian work visa through investment?

Is permanent residence in Malaysia possible with a work visa?
Yes. Citizenship of Malaysian laws and regulations and familiarity with the Malaysian language and leave previous citizenship and work and employment for 10 years in this country.

What are the benefits of staying in Malaysia through a work visa?
Travel to Malaysia without the need for a visa, the possibility of employment and economic activity in Malaysia, the possibility of obtaining residence and citizenship for children.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Malaysian professional visa?
Work for 3 years in a reputable company or government organization in Malaysia and provide a work certificate and satisfactory professional background from previous work in your country.

The benefit of company registration 

  • The 18th largest country in the world according to the World Bank in the ranking of ease of doing business
  • Malaysia’s strategic position in Asia
  • Low costs related to renting or buying a property
  • Low cost of opening a company
  • No restrictions on repayment of capital, dividends, royalties, and dividends
  • The signing of a double tax agreement between Malaysia and 68 countries
  • Existence of limited liability
  • The continuity of an Sdn Bhd company never ends.
  • The possibility of receiving a long-term loan
  • Very low-income tax
  • Separate legal points for the company

The disadvantage of company registration

Malaysia does not grant permanent residency and citizenship to applicants and grants 10 years of residence.

Type of company

Registration of a limited liability company

In this type of structure, there is no need for a local partner and it can be registered with a shareholder, but in order to be able to do things easily, we recommend that you use a local partner to facilitate the registration of companies in Malaysia, when registering a company as Limited Liability When you want to use a local partner, the minutes are signed by a Malaysian citizen and must be kept with you, in which case you must pay an annual fee to the person, in this type of initial capital structure you must If it is 500,000 Malaysian ringgit, the amount of shares of each shareholder determines the amount of their obligations.

Company registration through a private Joint- Stock company (Sendirian Berhad)

This type of company registration structure in Malaysia is one of the most common types of companies in Malaysia, in this type of structures there must be at least two shareholders and a member of the board, the point that is worth mentioning in this type of structures is that you should Be sure to use a local partner, this type of structure, known as sdn bhd for short, must submit an annual audited report of the accounts, and this type of company must declare its profit and loss report within twelve months. To. Companies are also required to pay taxes when these reports indicate profitability.

Company registration in the form of branch establishment

Once the investor has registered a company in another country and two years have passed since the registration of the company, he can promote his business activity in Malaysia, but through the establishment of a branch, the establishment of a branch has its own rules and must be in accordance with Malaysia Business Administration regulations. The only thing we need to remind the branch company is that all the purchases, sales, and contracts that the branch company makes must be done under the supervision of the parent company.

Company registration in Labuan – Malaysia

There are free economic zones around the world that are of interest to many investors, especially foreign investors, due to their special economic conditions. These benefits include tax breaks, banking facilities, and ease of doing international free trade.

The advantages of registering a company in Labuan Free Zone:

  • The tax is 0% for companies with investment and non-commercial activities and 3% for companies with commercial activities or 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit per year.
  • Possibility to register a company with 100% ownership of shares. No need a local partner – at least one resident is required.
  • Ability to register a company with any name and extension without the need to obtain special documents.
  • Due to the existence of a centralized management system in Labavan, all administrative and governmental affairs are done easily and simply.
  • No need to introduce an office in Labuan.
  • Low costs of establishing and running a company.
  • Lack of control over currency exchanges.
  • International Trade and Investment.
  • Obtaining a residence permit.
  • Get a work visa.
  • The possibility of opening a bank account in reputable banks in the world and Kuala Lumpur.

The company registration process

Visit one of the company secretary offices

You can do a simple internet search to find the nearest Company secretary to your location in Malaysia and, visit their office after making an appointment. At this stage, get all the information needed to register a company in Malaysia and the conditions for registering a company in Malaysia and the cost of registering a company in Malaysia, as well as information about the type of work you want to do in Malaysia, then follow the next steps.

Preparation and delivery of company documents

At this stage you should:

  • Choose 3 names for the company
  • Delivered a copy of the passports of two people who were company managers to company secretary
  • Specify the type of activity of the company

Company registration fee in Malaysia

The cost of registering a company in Malaysia that you have to pay to the Company secretary is approximately between 3,500 to 5,000 Ringgit, which you have to pay to the company secretary in the second stage. 

Send documents to the SSM office to confirm the company name

At this stage, the company secretary will send your documents along with the 3 names you have chosen for the company to the SSM office and after the necessary checks, one of the names you have chosen will be confirmed. This step takes about 3 working days.

Complete company registration forms in Malaysia for final approval

At this stage, after choosing the name of the company in Malaysia, the forms related to the company secretary will be given to you, and after completing and signing the two managers, it will be sent to the SSM office, and after about a week, your company will be registered And will be notified to you.

Companies that foreigners register in Malaysia are usually called limited liability companies, meaning that you have specified the time of registration of the work that you want to do in the company by the time of choosing the name, and except for the work that you have specified the registration time can not work. Do more.

For limited liability companies, the company name SDN BHD is registered at the end. SDN BHD stands for Sindirian Berhad.

For example, the name you have chosen for your company is MN Group, and after registering in your license, the company name will be as follows:

MN Group Sdn Bhd

Your company is simply registered in Malaysia and to start your business in Malaysia, you must do the following:

After registering the company, you will be given a form with your company name and company registration number in Malaysia and the necessary explanations in Malay, as shown in the image below, which is the license to register our company in Malaysia.

Office rent

At this stage, the budget package and the type of activity that the company wants to do in Malaysia, you must rent an office and the lease must be in the name of your company and the owner of the office. Make sure that the lease is in the name of your company because you need a lease agreement to do the next thing, and if it is not in the name of your company in Malaysia, you can not do the next things that are very important.

Get a landline called Company Name in Malaysia

At this stage, you have to copy the company lease agreement and the company registration license that you got in the previous step and go to the branches of the Telecommunication Company in Malaysia (MTM) and apply for the approval of the telephone line for your office in Malaysia. Usually after the request, 7 days later, they come to your office on behalf of Malaysia Telecommunication Company and install and activate your telephone line. The subscription fee is approximately $ 75 per month. No matter how many calls you have, a bill will be issued to you every month, and at this stage, ask the telecommunications company to issue a telephone bill for you, because you need this bill for the next steps.

Obtain the necessary permissions to do the things you want to do (License)

When registering a company in Malaysia and choosing a name, you must obtain a license for a specific activity. To obtain a license for any work, you must go to the relevant office of the same work. In this regard, you should get the necessary information from the Company Secretary when registering for the company. Sometimes Company Secretary does this for you. This step takes between 1 week to 1 month, depending on the type of license you want to get, and costs approximately $ 100 to $ 500.

Documents required to obtain a License:

1- Company registration license

2- Office lease agreement

3- Phone bill

4- Photos of company managers

5- The first page of the passport of the company managers

Opening a bank account in the name of the company

There are two types of bank accounts in Malaysia.

1- Saving account (saving account)

2- Current Account

You must open a current account to participate in Malaysia. To do this, you must get a letter of introduction from Company Secretary and go to one of the Malaysian banks along with the company registration documents and licenses and the lease agreement of the office, and the original passport of the two company managers. To open a bank account. The best Malaysian banks for the current account are May Bank and CIMB bank. Be sure to choose a bank that is close to the company’s office and you will not have any problems in traveling to the bank in the future. After submitting the documents to the bank, it will take about a week to complete the work related to opening a company bank account in Malaysia.

‚ÄĆIncreasing the company’s capital to obtain work visas for company managers and employees

The time of registration of your company’s capital company is 1 Ringgit. If you want to get a Malaysian work visa through a company in Malaysia, you have to increase the company’s capital to RM500,000. To do this, in a few steps, you deposit money into the company account and give their receipt to the Secretariat, and they send the documents to the SSM office and increase your company’s capital from one Ringgit to 500,000 Ringgit. The cost of doing this is approximately RM1,500 which you have to pay to the Company Secretariat and you will do it for yourself within 1 week. The capital of a company in Malaysia is called Paid Up Capital.

Company registration with ESD Malaysia

The ESD office is under the supervision of the Malaysian Immigration Office and all companies wishing to obtain a Malaysian work visa for managers and employees must register their company with the office.

ESD stands for Expatriate Services Division.

Company registration with ESD Malaysia is done online and does not need to be visited in person. For this purpose, you must go to the ESD office website and register on the site and upload the required documents on the site. Then your documents will be checked and if all the documents are complete, approximately 2 weeks to 4 weeks later, your license will be issued by the ESD office and it can be checked and checked online.

Applying for a Malaysian work visa for company managers and employees.

Applying for a work visa is completely free and you only have to pay some administrative fees. Through this ESD site, you can apply for a work visa online and upload the required documents that are announced on the site, and wait to receive a visa. This visa is for 2 years and can be extended after two years.

MM2H Program (Malaysia My Second Home)

The Malaysia My 2Second Home (MM2H) program is a scheme that allows the Malaysian government to grant long-term (10-year) visas to those interested in living in Malaysia.

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