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The Maldives is made up of about 99% sea and 1% land. The Maldives is home to some of the world’s most diverse marine treasures, and the land is a masterpiece of natural landscapes. The Maldives consists of 26 natural coral islands. There are water canals of different sizes that are used to pass between these islands.

For better control and management of these 26 natural islands, they have been divided into 20 separate areas. Most of the Maldives’ population is concentrated in a strategic area that has access to the international sea routes of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives archipelago is located on the southwest coast of India and its shortest distance to the Indian coast is 600 km. The Maldives has no hills or rivers. Its largest island has an area of ​​5 square kilometers. There are only 9 islands in the Maldives with an area of ​​more than 2 square kilometers. There are 200 inhabited islands and 88 other islands have tourist resorts.
Temperatures in the Maldives vary between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius throughout the year under the influence of the Indian Ocean. Despite the sultry weather, the constant and cool sea breeze causes the air to move and adjust the heat. The country has two dry and rainy seasons.
The currency of this country is the Rufiyaa. The banknotes in this country are in the form of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 rupees. You can convert your money into rupees through authorized banks and exchange offices. The major foreign currencies accepted in the Maldives are the US dollar, the British pound and the euro.
The Maldives economy is based on agriculture, fishing and tourism. It is grown in the Maldives, coconut, corn, millet, sweet potatoes and fruits. The shipbuilding industry is booming in this country and its people are interested in handicrafts. Exported from Maldives, fish, meat, handicrafts and coconut. The Maldives’s most important source of income is the tourism industry. Fisheries is the second largest industry in the Maldives, accounting for 20% of the country’s workforce. After the European Union lifted the customs exemption for fish imports from the Maldives, the country sought to find new markets.

General Questions

How long does it take to register a company in the Maldives?
2 weeks

What is the minimum capital to register a company?
Limited liability company 2000 MVR and public joint stock company 1,000,000 MVR

What are the ways to get a residence in the Maldives?
Education, entrepreneurship, investment, marriage

How long can I get an entrepreneurial visa?
It takes 5 months if you have a strong business plan.

How much is the income tax in the Maldives?
The tax system in the Maldives is based on a percentage of income. For example; if a person has an income of Rs 250,000, he will have a tax of 0%, if a person has an income of Rs 500,000, he must pay 20% of his income. The title of the tax should be considered and people who have an income above Rs 500,000 also have a tax of up to 30%.

Can a child born in the Maldives acquire Maldivian citizenship?
A person born in the country on or after 1 July 1978 is a Maldivian citizen.
A person born after 2004 can assess Maldivian citizenship if his or her parents (both) are citizens of this country.
Citizenship is assessed by birth only for children under 5 years of age, and after 5 years of age is assessed on the basis of living in the Maldives.
Citizenship through the soil system is also very common in the Maldives and is on the list of permitted methods.

Is it possible to stay in the Maldives by buying a property?
You can buy residential or commercial property in the Maldives, but you will not be allowed to buy agricultural land or any other arable land in the Maldives. Buying real estate in the Maldives does not lead to residency and citizenship and can be a high-return investment route that is a stimulus to the country’s citizenship through investment.

What is the minimum capital to register a company and stay in the Maldives?
At least $ 500,000. There is also a need for a business plan that can create jobs for at least 20 citizens of this country.

The benefits of company registration in


  • Cheap labor
  • Low cost and cheap living and office rent
  • Ease of communication with global markets
  • Cheap costs of raw materials and production resources
  • English as the second language of the Maldives
  • Starting a 100% foreign-owned company
  • No restrictions on sending your earned profits to your countries.
  • Exempt from paying personal income tax.
  • Provide government incentives to investors in environmentally friendly projects

The disadvantage of company registration in


  • If foreign investors violate the security law, the Maldives government can stop any foreign investment with or without notice.
  • The constitution of the Maldives as a Muslim country is based on the laws of Islamic law.
  • Corruption is a big problem in the Maldives. The public sector and government officials are involved in bribery.

Type of company registration

  • The Private Limited Companies
  • The Public Limited Companies

The company registration process 

  • Submit a company registration application
  • Complete the name search form and get confirmation
  • Prepare and adjust the company’s articles of association with the required information of the company, type of company, managers, shareholders and the amount of shares and office address
  • Opening a bank account and depositing the company’s capital into the account
  • Complete the company registration form at the Ministry of Economic
  • Development of Maldives
  • Preparation of company seal
  • Payment of company expenses