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Pakistan is a country with a population of over 200 million people and has trade relations with the world that connects you to the global market by registering a business company in Pakistan.

Pakistan is located in the southern part of Asia and has an area of 881913 square kilometers. Its capital is Islamabad and it is located 30 degrees north latitude. It shares borders with Afghanistan and China to the north, India to the east, Iran to the west, and the Oman Sea to the south and southwest. Pakistan has been able to rank well economically in the fields of oil, industry, steel, machine building, weapons, shipbuilding.

The Government of Pakistan has established numerous legal facilities to attract foreign investment and remove existing barriers, which has led to a significant increase in the attraction of foreign investment. Foreign investment is strongly supported in Pakistan, and the parliament has passed a law to attract foreign investment to allay investors’ fears and anxieties.

General Questions

What is the SECP registration in Pakistan?
An e-services project of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Commission (SECP) which is responsible for accepting all company documents in Pakistan.

What is the minimum capital required in Pakistan to register a company?
The minimum official capital is not mentioned, but it is normally estimated at $ 823.

What does the company’s capital in Pakistan include?
There are two types of stock capital:
Capital paid by shareholders and authorized capital of the company which is allowed to be distributed to shareholders.

Is it possible to register a company with 100% foreign ownership in Pakistan?
Yes. Limited Liability Company (LLC) with two members

How long does it take to register a limited liability company in Pakistan?
At least 6 weeks

The benefits of company registration in


  • Easy company registration with two people in Pakistan
  • Government incentives for foreign investment
  • A population of 200 million and a very eager market for goods and services
  • Easy access to open waters to send goods around the world
  • Easy access to the second largest market in the world, India

The disadvantage of company registration in


  • Company rules are complex after registration. Companies are required by law to submit financial accounts, list of directors, details of annual general meetings (AGMs), etc. to the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP).
  • If you want to liquidate your company, you have to pay a fine to SECP.

Type of company registration

  • Private Limited Company
  • Single Member Company
  • Public Listed Company (Listed)
  • Public Listed Company (Unlisted)
  • Foreign Branch Office
  • Representative Office

The company registration process 

  • Company registration application
  • Specify the company name and get the name confirmation
  • Preparation and adjustment of the company’s articles of association with full details (company name, type of company, company goals, names of shareholders with a certain amount of shares, names of company managers, office address in Pakistan)
  • Submitting company articles of association for approval to Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP)
  • Registration of company documents
  • Opening a company bank account and depositing shares
  • Registration of participation documents in the Federal Revenue Office (FBR) and the issuance of the National Tax Number (NTN).
  • Registration of company documents in the insurance office for personnel
  • Obtaining a residence visa for managers and family members from the Immigration Office.