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Poland has one of the largest EU economies with significant growth and high incomes over the last decade. The Polish market has become a developed market during this period, and during the European financial crisis, the country has always maintained its economic stability.

Poland’s economic sector is booming in services, automobiles, chemicals, construction, textiles, and real estate, with Poland’s largest economic sector accounting for 62.3%. There are various ways to immigrate to this country, and registering a Polish company is one of the legal and safe ways.

General Questions 

Is it possible to obtain Polish residency by registering a company?
The process of obtaining residency through company registration in Poland usually takes 5 years and investors must be present in this country for more than 3 years.

Is it possible to register a multi-person company in Poland?
In partnership companies, the presence of at least two people as shareholders of the company is required.

How much capital is required to register a company in Poland?
The amount of capital required to register a company varies according to the type of company. People with 2000 Euros can also register a company in this country.

How much does it cost to live in Poland?
The cost of living in Poland for a family of three is estimated at between 1,200 and 1,800 euros per month. It should be noted that the amount of expenses depends on the chosen city and the lifestyle of the people.

What is the most important advantage of establishing a company in Poland?
Registering a company in this country can provide Schengen residence for the investor and his family members.

What is the best place to invest in Poland?
Investing in the textile, shipbuilding, transportation, beverage, food, and social services industries can provide the highest return on investment.

How long does the company registration process in this country take?
Company registration is a 45-day process that can be reduced to 30 days, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

How is the tax rate calculated in Poland?
The VAT rate in Spain is 23% by default, but this amount will vary depending on the income of companies.

Is it possible to buy points of a company registered in Poland for foreign citizens?
Foreign nationals will not be restricted from buying shares in the company in Poland

The benefit of company registration 

  • The applicant and his / her family members will have all the rights and residency rights in Europe and can enjoy all the benefits as long as they reside in Poland.
  • Possibility to stay (with family) in Poland
  • No need for a language degree like IELTS
  • The possibility of opening a bank account in Poland
  • Opportunity to work and study for family members in Poland and throughout Europe
  • Possibility to travel and stay in other European and Schengen member states
  • Possibility of business and opening a bank account in all European countries
  • No need for a permanent physical presence in this country
  • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence and Polish passport (World passport of Polish passport is 9)

The disadvantage of company registration in Poland

  • The amount of budget required to register a Polish company is 10 to 15 thousand Euros, which is a high figure for some applicants.
  • The waiting time to get a residence permit will be about 8 months.

Types of companies in Poland

Registering a company in Poland is very suitable for experienced people who want to start a business in a European country. However, people who are not specialized in this field, and their only goal is to be in Poland, are advised to apply for other immigration methods such as education, work, etc.


All-natural and legal persons must register a joint-stock company to start a large business in Poland. The registration of a Polish company is done in the registration of the Polish National Court and after that, they can start their business activity. Activities related to factories and industrial workshops or chain stores are such companies.

The minimum capital required to register a Polish joint-stock company is PLN 100,000. The nominal value of each share of the company’s shares should not be less than PLN 0.01. (Zloty is the currency of Poland and each zloty is equal to one hundred groschen. Due to high inflation, the Polish government agreed to deduct four zeros from the zloty in January 1995. As a result, each new PLN is equal to the old PLZ 10,000 zlotys).

Joint-stock companies are the most suitable way to do business. Shareholders have no responsibility for the company’s liabilities and their only concern will be changed in stock value. Foreigners in Poland are allowed to operate professional businesses by registering joint-stock companies. Under Polish law, citizens of EU member states are allowed to establish a company in the same country as Polish citizens. However, those applying to register a company from outside the EU need to comply with EU law and a Polish residence permit.

Limited liability company

Among the types of Polish company registration methods, limited liability company registration is one of the most popular methods. The reason why people welcome such companies is the possibility of participation of several people (natural or legal person) in a company as shareholders and each of the shareholders will be responsible for their share in the company. Of course, it is possible to register a Polish company with at least one person.

The minimum capital required for this type of company will be 5,000 zlotys. The minimum value of shares of limited liability companies is 50 zlotys, which can be traded in the market. Having a board of directors is required for companies with an initial capital of more than 500,000 zlotys and more than 25 shareholders. The liability of shareholders in this type of company is limited and it is usually profitable for business activists to invest in this type of company due to the high volume of capital and considerable risk.

Limited liability companies are very suitable for those who want to directly supervise the executive decisions of the company due to the small number of shareholders. Also, shareholders of limited liability companies face less risk due to participation and will not be required to be held accountable for the company’s obviousness alone.

The company with civil partnership

Civil partnership registration is very suitable for small and limited businesses that are formed in a real or legal way. In companies with a civil partnership, the presence of at least two people as shareholders is essential.

The articles of association of companies with civil participation must be registered in the national court. In this type of company, there is no need to provide the minimum capital, but all movable and immovable assets of the partners must be specified and announced in the articles of association. Taxes in this type of company are not personal and income tax is paid by the partners. These types of companies are very profitable and a number of foreign companies have made huge profits by registering several companies with civil partnerships in Poland.

The company registration process

Applicants for Polish company registration must follow the steps below to achieve their goals. Selecting the company name, selecting the type of company, and compiling the draft articles of association are among the first steps in registering a Polish company. Regarding how to register a Polish company, it can be said that the choice of the name and type of company is based on the field of activity of the company, and in this regard, the necessary research should be done for the best choice.

Submission of draft articles of association or business plan is required for the registration of a Polish company, and after approval, the articles of association must be prepared. This is one of the most important and necessary steps in registering a Polish company and requires the help of a qualified lawyer. Next, investors must open their bank accounts in Poland and transfer the required amount of capital to Polish banks, depending on the type of company.

After all the measures related to the amount of investment have been approved, the real and legal registration of the company will take place. Therefore, by referring to the registration of the national court and presenting the documents related to the bank account and other documents, the company will be registered. However, the steps have not been completed yet and the last step will be to register the company in the KRS center and obtain the NIP tax number. After receiving the NIP, the investor must register with the ZUS Social Insurance Institution and the PIP National Labor Inspectorate. A company registered in Poland must register with the tax office if it operates. Therefore, documents such as the company’s articles of association, NIP, bank certificate, REGON certificate, and a letter from the National Court will be required.

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