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Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe with the oldest universities in Europe, the largest producer of cork, the world’s oldest library, and the largest bridge in Europe.
This country is one of the most popular European destinations that attracts many tourists every year. The beautiful city of Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to enter the world of international trade, Portugal, as one of the best places in the world to invest, is a very good choice.


General Questions

What is the best way to register a company in Portugal?
Foreign investors mainly register limited liability companies.

Who is allowed to register a company in Portugal?
People over the age of 18 who have sufficient capital.

Can we get a Portuguese residence card after registering for a company?
The Golden Portugal Visa allows you to obtain a long-term Schengen visa. The minimum investment in Lisbon is € 500,000, while in other parts of the country it is € 350,000. You must first stay in Portugal for one year and then for three years. Finally, after five years, get your residence card.

Is it possible to register a foreign-owned company in Portugal?
Non-residents can also own all their shares in the form of a Portuguese company.

What are the tax benefits of registering a company in Portugal?
Some of the tax benefits of registering a company in this country are the reduction of the corporate tax rate to 15,000 euros from the profits of companies whose income is less than 50,000,000 euros. If you work in research and development, the company provides tax credits.

The benefits of company registration 

  • Portugal has abundant natural resources, strong industrial bases, and an exporter of important agricultural products in the European region, which in terms of investment for foreign investors has many opportunities, especially in important industries. Among the most important and leading industries in Portugal are agriculture and fisheries, industry and manufacturing, forestry, tourism, transport and telecommunications, banking, finance, and natural resources.
  • The residence is obtained through education, company registration, investment, birth, marriage, etc. Accordingly, one of the ways to obtain residency in Portugal is to invest. It is worth mentioning that the Portuguese Golden Visa scheme is excellent considering its conditions, which are related to the amount of investment, lifestyle, etc.
  • It is much easier to obtain Portuguese citizenship than in other European countries.
  • Portugal was selected as the number one coastal tourist destination in Europe in 2009.
  • To increase the motivation of investors, great tax benefits are provided for investors. In addition to the usual financial exemptions in Portugal, there is no inheritance, gift, or wealth tax in Portugal.
  • To increase the motivation of investors in sports, VAT is not collected for the construction of green fields, especially for golf.
  • Tourist attractions and areas and pristine natural beauty make this country unique. For people who work in these fields, investing in these sectors can be very profitable.
  • The conditions for buying and investing in the field of Portuguese real estate are very suitable and affordable.
  • Portugal is a stable country with no history of terrorist and criminal incidents.

ِDisadvantage of company registration 

  • Administrative bureaucracy in Portugal is still in place.
  • Too many office workers are not fluent in English.
  • Learning Portuguese is not easy at all.
  • High-risk driving The Portuguese are famous in Europe.


Types of companies in Portugal

When a foreigner registers a company in Portugal, he or she must first decide what kind of company he or she wants to register. Each type of company in Portugal is subject to its own unique rules and structure.

Private Limited Company (LDA-SOSIDADE)
The most common type of company in Portugal is a private limited company (limited liability company). Limited private companies are typically selected by foreign investors who want to do business in Portugal. According to Portuguese commercial law, a private limited company must have at least two shareholders, regardless of nationality, citizenship, or residence. A minimum capital of € 5,000 is required to register a limited liability company. This capital is divided into shares and is the minimum amount per share. Participation can be in cash or non-cash. Half of the initial capital is paid in cash before mixing. The asset must be audited by the auditor and then the company tax must be paid in full.

Public companies (Sosiedad anonima-SA)
Foreign investors who want to register a medium or a large company in Portugal can choose public companies for this purpose. The rules and structure of public companies are such that state-owned companies in Portugal must have a capital of at least EUR 50,000 and at least 5 shareholders must be present in this type of company. The founder of a public company in Portugal is required to fulfill the company’s obligations.

Limited participation
This type of company will be registered in Portugal if two partners are present. No special capital is required by law to register a company in Portugal as a limited partnership. Characteristics of registering a company in Portugal as a limited partnership means that one of the company partners has full and comprehensive responsibility for the company’s obligations. (sosios coman tarias) while the second partner is limited to the company’s obligations (sosios coman di tados).

SNG collective-sociedade

Another type of company registration in Portugal is called a partnership, which, like a limited liability company, requires at least two partners, and according to the company registration laws in Portugal, no specific and minimum capital is defined for it. In a partnership, unlike a limited liability company, all members are fully and comprehensively responsible for the company’s obligations, and all of them are able to make decisions on behalf of the company and the company’s management.

Single Shareholder Company (EIRL)
If a person wants to be the sole founder of a company in Portugal, he can register a company in Portugal through the EIRL. The company registration structure in Portugal as a separate shareholder is very simple and easy to set up, but such companies are rarely registered in Portugal. The founder of this type of company is solely responsible for the obligations of the company.

The company registration process 

  • Obtain a tax identification number in Portugal;
  • Determining the name, amount of capital, address, number of shareholders, managers, and the chartered accountant of the company;
  • Signing a company registration power of attorney;
  • Company registration;
  • Opening a corporate bank account;
  • Obtain a visa to stay in Portugal;
  • Presence in Portugal and completion of the residency process;
  • Receive a residency;
  • Registration of the company’s activities with the tax authorities and the official start of the company’s work. (All of these steps take less than five months.)

Required documents are:

  • Draft company articles of association
  • Original identity documents of the main person and his companions (spouse and children under 18 years old) including its translation
  • Passport of the main person and his companions (spouse and children under 18 years old) including its translation
  • The main person’s financial ability sheet
  • Original person turnover slip (at least 3 months)
  • Provide an economic justification plan or business plan
  • Buying or renting an office for company activities
  • Hiring a finance manager
  • Opening a bank account in the name of the company
  • Sample signature form and submission of no criminal record
  • Complete company registration forms
  • Copy of the last degree
  • Power of attorney

Needed information :

Company name, registration address, type of business, a copy of the minutes in which the decision was made to open a branch, the name of the branch and its address, the name of the person appointed to the company branch, and the name of the representative of this branch, type Activity performed by the branch. Registration in the regional center of social security informs the company’s branch to inspect the business.
Obviously, the cost of stamps and registration to register a company in Portugal and other countries is estimated periodically.



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