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  • Russia is the largest country in the world
  • The high population of Russia and other former Soviet republics
  • Moscow is the largest city in Europe with the third-largest number of billionaires in the world after New York and Hong Kong
  • Russia has the largest domestic market in Europe and the seventh-largest in the world
  • According to the World Bank, Russia is the sixth-largest economy in the world in terms of GDP.
  • Russia joined the World Trade Organization in 2012, removing trade barriers and simplifying economic activity.
  • Russia has created 28 special economic zones to expand the business infrastructure and investment of foreign companies.
  • Russia has the best tax system among the BRIC countries, Brazil (India, China), the most significant of which is the lowest income tax.
  • Russia is the second-largest producer of natural gas, the third-largest producer of crude oil, the fifth largest producer of coal, and has 14% of the world’s gold reserves.
  • Eighty-five percent of foreign investment in Russia is in production, and more than 200 foreign investment projects represent the highest growth rate among European countries. The United States ranks fourth in foreign direct investment in Russian projects.
  • Russia has a lot of infrastructure needs in various sectors, which has made it a very attractive market for exports.

General Questions

Do you have to partner with a Russian citizen to register a limited liability company in Russia?
No. Foreigners can register without having to partner with a Russian citizen.

Does registering a company in Russia lead to residency in Russia?
Not just to register a company. However, by obtaining a work permit, company members, employees, and their family members can obtain a renewable residence visa.

Do I need a work permit to register a company in Russia?
Yes, a work permit is required. Otherwise, you will be fined and you will not have the right to sign in your company.

Do I have to rent an office to register for a company?
Yes. You must rent a real office. If you use formal legal addresses, your company will be blacklisted and you will be barred from doing business while blocking your company bank account.

Is it necessary to hire an accountant?
No. But Russia will have problems with very strict taxes without hiring a certified accountant.

Is it necessary to hire a number of local employees or employees to activate the company?
No. The Russian system is different from countries like Turkey, and the company is valid and active with only one (foreign) founding member.

What is the minimum capital of the company?
A minimum of 10,000 rubles (about $ 150,000) is offered. Consider at least $ 500 initial capital. After opening a bank account, you must deposit the initial capital into your bank account. Of course, you can spend the deposit later and do not need to keep it in the account.

Should the company name be Russian?
No. It is not necessary to use a Russian name and the company name can be very short and even duplicate.

How long does it take to register a brand in Russia?
In case of normal registration, one year, and in case of immediate registration, with additional payment, about 6 months

Can a person register a brand individually in Russia?
No. Only companies can register a brand in Russia.

Can foreign companies also register a brand in Russia?
Yes. All foreign companies can apply to register a foreign brand.

How long is a brand registration valid in Russia?
Brand registration in Russia is valid for 10 years and can be extended after 10 years.

How many types of brand registration are there in Russia?
Word (letters), image (logo), word and image (combined)

The benefits of company registration 

  • Obtaining residency in Russia is through company registration.
  • Access to global markets
  • Get a Russian passport for yourself and your family members
  • Clearing the cargo in the name of the trader and making legal contracts
  • Opening a bank account in Russian banks and even other European countries
  • Opening an international bank account
  • Low corporate tax rates in Russia. 2% of this tax goes to the central government, which is known as the federal tax, and the remaining 18% goes to the local government.

The disadvantage of company registration 

Bureaucracy in Russian offices
Bureaucracy is one of the major problems and disadvantages of registering a company in Russia, which in Russian offices wastes a lot of time to obtain a company registration permit and other steps in starting work in this country, and people who are not familiar with this bureaucracy will suffer.

Construction permit
The process for obtaining a construction permit in Russia varies considerably from city to city, with 16 stages for obtaining a construction permit in Novosibirsk and 47 for obtaining a permit in Moscow. As a result, the time required to obtain a license is so different than the time required to obtain a license is one year in Moscow and five months in Surgut.

Registration of property
The registration of property in this company consists of four stages on average and it takes more than thirty-five days to complete the file. You need to have the necessary confidence when renting a shop in Russia or any type of office to suit your chosen job.

Russia’s underdeveloped infrastructure
Russia’s infrastructure is heavily Moscow-oriented, with most of the country’s economic transportation channels starting in the capital, which is sometimes a problem for investors in registering a company in Russia.

Commercial shipping
Commercial transport is heavily dependent on railways, although it is not sufficiently integrated with global transport systems. For this large country, airlines have not yet developed and make international travel difficult.

Multiple permissions
Many different industries require licenses to register a company and invest, including investments in the banking and other financial services, insurance, telecommunications, nuclear energy, transportation, pharmaceuticals, and underground industries.

In addition to other industries such as auditing, appraisal, construction, operation, and management of the real estate and trusts require a license.

The most important types of commercial companies in Russia 

Limited liability company

  • Minimum members: 1 person
  • Maximum members: 50 people
  • Minimum initial capital: 10 thousand rubles
  • The registration time is 2 weeks.

Private joint-stock company

  • Minimum members: 1 person
  • Maximum members: Unlimited
  • Minimum initial capital: 10 thousand rubles
  • The registration time is about 2 months.

Company LLP

  • Minimum members: 1 person
  • Maximum members: Unlimited
  • Minimum initial capital: 100 thousand rubles
  • The registration time is about 6 months.

Agency / Branch

  • Minimum members: 1 person
  • Maximum members: 5 foreigners
  • Minimum initial capital: no initial capital.
  • Registration time is from 2 weeks to 2 months.

The company registration process 

  • The complete company registration process in Russia
    In case of obtaining a one-year work permit, company registration takes 4 months, and in case of obtaining a three-year work permit, company registration takes 2 months.
  • Obtaining a personal tax code and a personal insurance code for the Iranian CEO
  • Completion of company registration documents
  • Presence of all shareholders in the notary public office to confirm the shareholders’ signature on the company registration form
  • Payment of 4 thousand rubles to the account of the tax office
  • Submission of documents to the tax office by the CEO
  • One week later, the company is registered and the registration documents are ready.
  • Registration of companies in the following departments: health insurance, social security insurance, pension insurance, and statistics office
  • Arrange a lease agreement with the owner of the legal address
  • Opening a bank account and depositing the initial capital of the company in the account
  • Deposit money to the company’s bank account and government legal remittance to obtain a work permit
  • Preparation of documents and action for obtaining a work permit by the Russian CEO for a foreign CEO
  • Submitting documents to the Russian Immigration Office
  • About two months later, the CEO must travel to Russia to take a Russian language test and a medical test.
  • About a month later, the work permit is ready. The CEO receives a visa from the Russian embassy in his home country, enters Russia, and obtains a work card. Complete the CEO change form and confirm the CEO signature in the notary
  • Submit the CEO change form to the tax office
  • Go to the bank and announce the changes and sign the signature card for the new CEO