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Saint Helena

Saint Helen, with a population of about 6,000 and an area of ​​121 square kilometers, is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean and one of the territories under British rule. The Portuguese sailor João da Nova discovered the island in 1502 and named it Saint Helen, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great. England has used the island as an exile for many years.

With an area of ​​121 square kilometers, the island is famous only because Napoleon Bonaparte was the most famous prisoner of the island, who was in exile on the island for the last years of his life under the supervision of the British government.
Saint Helen has a weak economy, which is almost entirely dependent on British government aid. The only economically active part of the country is 50% of GDP and tourism. The most important export product of this country is coffee called Suite Maria, which is also the most expensive coffee in the world. Another export product of this country is a drink called Tungi Sprite, which is taken from the extract of prickly pear cactus or Aponita ficus indica (Tungi is the local name of this cactus).
The island of Saint Helen belongs to the United Kingdom and is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Angola and Brazil. Before Saint Helen Airport was built, the only way to reach the island was a five-day cruise from Cape Town. At that time, the island had only 3,500 visitors a year, which is not a bad statistic considering the distance and difficulty of access. Since the 1930s, the British government has been talking about building an airport on the island. But finding flat ground for the runway on this rocky island was not easy. One of the flat lands was used to breed the endangered bird of Saint Helen’s Island called Salim, so the construction of an airport in this area could endanger the breed of this bird. Finally, at the top of a valley, they found a new point to build an airport.
Finally, in 2017, the British government built an airport that facilitates transportation to Saint Helena. One of the goals of the airport is to contribute to the economic independence of Saint Helens through tourism.