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Registering a company in Spain in the 5 ways;

  • In the form of starting a new company: by buying a ready company or registering a new company
  • Through a joint venture: Partnership in a Spanish company through the purchase of its shares.
  • Registered as a subsidiary of a Spanish company: A company owned by an active Spanish company.
  • Self-employment: starting an applicant-centered business (self-employment).
  • Opening a representative office: Registration and opening of a representative office or branch of an active and reputable company in Spain.

Benefits of obtaining Spanish residency through company registration

  • No need to provide a language certificate
  • No need to provide qualifications
  • Possibility of receiving accommodation for all family members (dependents)
  • Possibility to operate in European markets
  • Possibility to apply for permanent residence after 3 years
  • Easy visa application for all parts of the world
  • Possibility of opening a corporate and personal bank account
  • Using European brand in personal business


In this type of residence, are the applicant’s family members also allowed to stay in Spain?
Yes. One of the main advantages of this method is the possibility of taking and receiving the residence of family members (spouse and children under 18) from the beginning.

Does this type of residence lead to permanent residence and a passport (Spanish citizenship)?
Yes, after 3 years of temporary residence, you and your family members can receive permanent residence in Spain, and after 5 years of permanent residence, you can apply for your passport. The process of obtaining permanent residence in Spain through company registration is at least two years faster than other methods. Because after three years of temporary residence you can get permanent residence.

What are the conditions for obtaining a passport (Spanish citizenship)?

Five years after receiving permanent residence, you are eligible for a passport (Spanish citizenship) if you are fluent in Spanish and Spanish.

Are there any travel restrictions for the first five years?
No. You are allowed to travel to all Schengen countries without any restrictions. But if you want to travel outside the Schengen area, you are only allowed to travel every 90 days for 90 days.

How long does the process of obtaining a Spanish residency by registering a company take?
The whole process usually takes between 10 and 16 months.

What are the conditions for extending your stay in Spain by registering for a company?
Timely payment of the minimum tax amount (varies depending on the type of Business)
Failure to commit criminal offenses
The profitability of the company

Documents required to obtain a residence permit in Spain through company registration:

  • Original and copy of ID card or passport
  • Company name confirmation certificate
  • Two pieces of photos
  • Medical confirmation
  • Economic Code Request Form (NIE)
  • Statement of Reasons for Applying for an Economic Code (NIE)
  • Tax Identification Code (C.I.F)
  • Bank account confirmation in Spain (at least € 3,000

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Dr. Mehdi Pourmazaherian

Business Advisor

For additional information on company registration in Spain, please send your request and contact Dr. Mehdi Pourmazaherian directly.

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