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Investing in Sweden

Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg will be the main sources of investment in the country in 2020 and will play an important role in the country’s economy. According to the World Bank, Sweden ranked third in terms of friendly relations with international markets. An applicant for company registration in Sweden must have an idea or business plan that must be reviewed and approved by the Swedish government. The plan should describe all the details of the company and its purpose and help the country’s economy. If the plan is accepted, the applicant must register the company by filling out the initial forms. The plan should include such things as the company’s justification plan, scientific market research, license or property purchase agreement for the company, business licenses, capital, turnover budget, financial balance sheet, and so on.

Advantage of investing and registering a company in Sweden:

  • Access to the European market
  • The possibility to apply for a passport 5 years after obtaining permanent residence.
  • Schengen residence permit for all family members.
  • Use of European brand
  • Low cost of running the company.
  • Opening a personal and corporate account.
  • Free trade and customs laws within the EU.
  • Access to European markets.
  • The possibility to apply for permanent residence after three years.

Prerequisites for registering a company in Sweden

  • Prove your financial ability to buy and register a company
  • Proof of financial ability for living expenses
  • Passport
  • Having sufficient experience in the field of company activity and the ability to manage it properly
  • The minimum shares of the company registration application must be 50%.
  • The applicant is also responsible for running the company.
  • Knowledge of Swedish or English and preferably both (no degree required)
  • Goods and services produced by the company in question must be available in Sweden.

Documents required to register a company in Sweden

  • Certificate of employment
  • Original title deed
  • 3-month bank certificate and financial ability
  • Official documents related to the company
  • Passport and its copy (for the applicant and his family)
  • Fingerprint letter
  • 2 pieces of photos
  • Certificate of no criminal record and its translation
  • Travel insurance
  • Letter based on the company’s goals

Types of company registration in Sweden

Private Ltd
This type of company is usually the first option for most foreign investors. This is a type of business that can be started by one or more natural persons or legal entities. The minimum capital required to register this type of company is 50,000 Swedish kronor, which is divided into shares and these shares cannot be sold on the stock exchange.

Limited liability company
The management structure of this type of company in Sweden is almost similar to that of a private limited liability company. The difference is that the estimated capital for the merger must be at least SEK 100,000 and the shares can be issued on the stock market.

Public participation
Establishing a public partnership in Sweden requires at least two partners, who can be individuals or legal entities. No minimum capital is required to establish this type of company in Sweden. The responsibility of the partners is generally shared with their initial contribution to the partnership.

Limited participation
Limited participation is similar to public participation in Sweden. At least two members must participate and no initial capital is required. The difference is that at least one member must have overall responsibility and at least one member must have a limited partner, and that responsibility depends on the extent of their participation.

Proprietary ownership
A privately-owned company is actually a limited company in Sweden and it is a company with only one shareholder. His role is also to represent the company and take full responsibility for the company’s obligations. In order to create a proprietary property in Sweden, the minimum initial capital is not required to register and start a company.

Frequent  questions about registering a company in Sweden

What are the main parameters of company registration?
One of the main conditions for presenting a business plan for starting a business, which must be approved by the Swedish Labor Office.

What are the types of companies in Sweden?
Exclusive companies, cooperatives, limited liability cooperatives, economic institutions are other companies.

What are the documents required to register a company?
Knowledge of English and Swedish, certificate of financial ability, certificate of the company’s goals, certificate of employment, and business plan.

What is it like to get a residence permit by registering a company in Sweden?
Initially, by confirming the documents, the investor and his family will be granted a 2-year residence permit, which will lead to permanent residence by presenting a proof of the company’s profitability and no malpractice during the stay.

What is the easiest way to immigrate to Sweden?
Obtaining residency through study at a Swedish university or Swedish or English language courses is an ideal program.

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