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In order to be able to rebuild its country, Syria wants to attract foreign investors to its country with 100% ownership. The Companies Law in Syria, based on a 2011 decree, allowed the establishment of some business organizations. According to this law, associations are established in the form of commercial or service companies, the most important of which are joint stock companies, limited liability companies and joint stock companies.

General Questions

What is the minimum share of capital required for a limited liability company?
Companies established by two or more people will be equivalent to 5 million Syrian liras and for single member companies will be equivalent to 10 million liras.

Can we hire a lawyer to register a company and open a bank account?
Yes. You can arrange a power of attorney for any lawyer from Syria in Arabic, English and French, but it is better to translate it into Arabic and have the translation approved in the presence of official documents.

Do I need to rent an office to register a company and what is the minimum area?
Yes. You must have a fixed address. You can rent at least one room from a commercial office.

How much is a corporate tax?
Equivalent to 22% TO 30%.

The benefits of company registration in Syria

  • Existence of a market prone to imports
  • Existence of a potential market in the field of infrastructure
  • High incentives for investors
  • Possibility to participate in Syrian procurement and construction tenders only for company owners in Syria
  • Obtaining residency for the investor and the people covered
  • Possibility to buy or rent a property, office, warehouse, car, etc.
  • Possibility of quick visits to offices, unions and commercial offices in Syria
  • Quick access before other overseas suppliers to the target market

Type of company registration

  • Limited liability companies
  • Particular partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • joint stock company
  • limited partnership in shares
  • Foreign branches

The company registration process 

  • Application for company registration to the Internal Economy
  • Department of the Syrian Ministry of Economy and Trade
  • Specify the name
  • Preparation of the company’s articles of association
  • Determine the fixed address of the company
  • File a tax file
  • Registration of company documents in the notary public
  • Open a company account and deposit the initial capital of the company
  • File a case with the Social Security Organization
    Making a company seal