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How to register a company?

Some general questions:

How to register a company in Turkey?
Is it possible to register a company in Turkey without residency?
Why register a company in Turkey?
What are the benefits of investing in Turkey?
What are the documents required to register a company in Turkey?
How much does it cost to register a company in Turkey?
What are the rules for registering a company in 2020?

Investing has always been a risky and important business, but if it comes to registering a company in another country, it is definitely worthwhile to carefully consider all the cases and costs and then make a decision; You can reach a conclusion in this field by reading this article and make your best decision.

Turkish economy

Before investing in a field and region, we must examine its economic conditions as well. The Turkish economy is a combination of indigenous and industrial industries, which is increasing in size every day. It is interesting to know that the US intelligence service has classified Turkey among the developed countries, and in the latest rankings, Turkey is among the 20 countries. Known for industrial superiority. Agriculture, various industries, communications, construction, tourism, and financial and banking services are among the most important areas of economic activity in which Turkey has achieved good results in recent years. Of course, we should not ignore the current developments in the Turkish economy, which have caused the Turkish lira to depreciate against the US dollar, but we can be relieved because the government has a precise and practical plan to solve this problem. It should be noted that investment laws in this country are easier.

Why register a company in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that has experienced tremendous economic growth over the years and can be invested in with confidence in its political-economic stability. You also do not need to be resident in this country to register a company in Turkey.
(By registering a company, you will be granted one year of residence, and after extending this residence for five years, you will be given permanent residence)

The company registration process in Turkey in 5 working days:

  • Specify the location of the company
  • Adjust the company’s articles of association
  • Receive company registration forms in Turkey
  • Get a tax number from the Turkish Treasury
  • Obtain approval of the company’s articles of association from the official office of Turkey
  • Registration of the company in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce
    Print the official newspaper
  • Obtain the power of attorney confirmation and sample signature from the official office of Turkey
  • Prepare the form of the Turkish Treasury
  • Refer to the Turkish Finance Office and submit the form of the previous step to check and approve this form and the address of the company’s office by this office
  • Address verification by Treasury inspectors
  • Receive company tax number after final approval and review
  • Get a business card
  • Certification of accounting offices
  • Opening a bank account for the company
  • Introduce a formal financial advisor

Documents required to register a company in Turkey:

  • Original passport of each partner (valid for more than 6 months)
  • Two 4 * 3 photos (color with light background)
  • Several names suitable for the company
  • Field of activity of the company in Turkey (Articles of Association)
  • Determining the percentage of shares of each of the company’s partners
  • Appoint a company manager (or both partners)

Types of company registration in Turkey

Limited liability company:

This type of company must be registered and established with a minimum of one person and a maximum of 55 people; The fee required to register and establish a limited liability company is USD $ 2,100 (of which two foreign currency accounts are opened, one in the name of the company and one in the name of the company manager). The amount of this person’s share is real or legal, and in case of bankruptcy of the company, the creditor can only claim as much as the shares of the company and not more than that. The directors of this type of company can be Turkish citizens, foreign nationals, and even non-shareholders according to the company’s articles of association.


We have two types of joint-stock companies in Turkey; Companies with less than 250 investors are called private equity firms, and the cost of setting up and registering is about $ 2,800. Companies with more than 250 investors are called public companies. The shares in joint-stock companies are equal, but each shareholder can buy as many shares as he can. The amount of profit and loss of each shareholder is calculated depending on the amount of these shares, and according to Turkish law, The general meeting held for this company should be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Commerce.

Mixed company:

In this type of company, only one or more shareholders (except real persons) bear the debts and debts of the company and the rest of the shareholders are responsible only for their initial capital.


In case of debts and debts for this company, each of the partners is responsible and obliged to pay them, even if the amount of these debts is more than the total capital and the value of the company.

Financial institutions (exchange):

This type of economic enterprise is considered a joint-stock company, with the difference that in order to register and establish it, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permits from the relevant authorities. Talk to an experienced lawyer who specializes in this area.

Participation in the free zones of Turkey:

First of all, it should be said that this type of company is for those who produce goods, in fact, it is considered an industrial activity that you can buy land in the areas that are introduced to you at a reasonable price and with suitable facilities. And it is worthwhile for the Turkish government to build a shed in that area. Turkey provides you with exceptional facilities for hiring employees and workers in this field, including insurance and tax exemptions.

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