Finance for Non-Finance Managers

In today’s global management and uncertain business conditions, there is a need for all business or functional heads to grasp and apply fundamental financial management knowledge, skills and techniques to manage their respective areas in order to become truly, all-rounded professional managers. This is a practical program using real-life case studies  for those who want to acquire financial management competencies.

The Art of Interpreting Financial Statements

  • Introduction to financial analysis & reporting
  • Financial versus management accounting
  • Some key Accounting Rules for reporting
  • The income statement – levels of profitability
  • The balance sheet – managing assets & liabilities
  • The cash flow statements – source & application of funds
  • The quality of earnings & red flags

Evaluating Business Performance & Viability

  • Profit margins & trends
  • Common-sizing variance analysis
  • Growth rates
  • Return on Investment
  • Working capital & Liquidity
  • Debt & Equity Financing
  • The 10 Golden Rules for financial management

Decision-making for Capital Investment Proposals

  • What are capital investment projects?
  • The time value of money
  • The capital appraisal road map
  • Techniques for appraising investment proposals
  • Payback Period
  • DCF/NPV/IRR evaluations

Valuation of Business Worth

  • Valuation is more ‘art’ than science
  • Using net tangible assets
  • Using multiples
  • Using discounted DCF/NPV
  • Other techniques for business valuations