Official Name: The Kingdom of Cambodia 

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Cambodia is a small country in Southeast Asia and has been called the paradise of Asia due to its beautiful natural landscape and pristine historical attractions. Cambodia’s immigration has increased since it was included in the list of excellent tourist destinations. In general, this country is a very interesting and wonderful experience and has many attractions. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and one of the best cities in the country, so that the growth of Cambodia’s immigration in business is also seen and people try to consider Cambodia one of the best countries for immigration.
Those who have good capital and also have a good entrepreneurial plan in mind can easily invest in Cambodia. In order to have a good investment in Cambodia, you need to be in a good management position first. Entrepreneurship in Cambodia is another way that the Cambodian government gives you accommodation.

General Questions

Which type of company is most used in Cambodia?
Limited Liability Company (LLC)

How long does it take to register a company and obtain a license in Cambodia?
3 to 6 months

What is the corporate income tax?

What is the minimum capital required to register a company?
$ 1,000

Can a child born in Cambodia receive Cambodian citizenship?
In Cambodia, the blood system is used for birth citizenship.

The benefits of company registration in


  • The company can be registered with foreign shareholders.
  • The directors and shareholders of the company do not need to live in Cambodia.
  • Registering a company in Cambodia can be done for $ 1,000.
  • High government incentives: 100% tax exemption for 9 years
  • Lack of control over the price of products and services by the government
  • Exemption from customs duties on imports of machinery and raw materials
  • Ability to rent land for 50 years and renewable for another 50 years
  • 40٪ Special amortization allowance on the value of new assets used in construction and processing

The disadvantage of company registration in


  • It takes 4 months to register a company and obtain licenses.
  • To register a company, they must introduce a physical office and government inspectors will check.
  • Applying for and installing electricity for production work takes 6 months.
  • Cambodia does not have a suitable water infrastructure and transportation and shipping costs are very expensive.
  • The land and rail transportation system is also very inadequate and underdeveloped.
  • Cambodia is the sixth most difficult country in the world to start a business.
  • 20% tax on company income
  • Lack of skilled labor
  • Only 10% of people speak English.
  • Internet freedom in Cambodia is only 5%.
  • 5% of people have a university education
  • The work visa process takes 3 to 6 months
  • The spread of corruption and inefficient government bureaucracy
  • Having a corruption index of 161 out of 180 in the world

Type of company registration

  • limited liability company
  • Free zone limited liability company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Foreign Branches

The company registration process 

  • Company registration application
  • Request for registration
  • Preparation and regulation of the company’s articles of association with complete specifications including name, type of company, company goals, names of shareholders and amount of shares, company managers, address
  • Payment of company registration costs
  • Opening a bank account and depositing the company’s capital
  • Forming a company file in the tax office and obtaining a tax code
  • Making a company seal
  • Forming a file in the insurance office for company personnel