Diploma in Australia – Age 18 – 25 years old

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Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) is a growing school located in the heart of Adelaide, the Education City of Australia. AIBT offers Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma level courses as well as English Language Programmes. Our courses are designed to be your pathway to higher education in Australia and provide you with a good grounding for a career in business. We believe that education is the best path to personal and professional growth. Education not only benefits you, but your family and community.

We are committed to helping you reach your potential in your future career.

We look forward to  welcoming you to AIBT.

Kerrie Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology

Why come to Adelaide to study?

Adelaide is renowned for connecting education with industry, allowing graduates to be better prepared than our counter-parts in Melbourne or Sydney. Maintaining a strong link between industry and academia allows students to keep up to date with relevant changes within their chosen fields, thus increasing their chances of employment post-graduation. The state is also home to a number of high quality educational institutes and universities, who rank highly among the world’s best. Leading universities and Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology are just some of the well regarded educational providers in the state that can offer pathways to success.


Living in Adelaide

Adelaide is ranked as the world’s 5th most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit, making us the ideal choice to live and study. With a friendly, as well as a safe environment, students will feel welcome and at home which will allow them to focus on their studies.
With large open spaces, clean air, beautiful hills, park lands and beaches, as well as over 400 festivals and events held throughout the year, Adelaide is an ideal place to live. Adelaide is also 19% more affordable as opposed to Sydney and Melbourne, further reinforcing the attractiveness of the state.


Why choose AIBT?

Pathways to University AIBT provides pathways to Australian universities. When you complete your study at AIBT, you can transfer credits to university study for selected degrees. This is an excellent alternative pathway to higher education.


Welcoming & Convenient

Located in the heart of the city, AIBT gives you direct access to key facilities such as libraries, shopping centres, food courts and public transport. On campus, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff and experience a multicultural learning environment helping you make friends with classmates from around the world.


Better Assessment Methods

Traditional exam assessments can be stressful and failing could mean you have to repeat classes. At AIBT, we use a range of methods to assess the knowledge and skills you have learnt
during your studies. These assessment methods might include essays, tests, role plays, reports and presentations. AIBT provides better ways to evaluate student’s work helping students
get into universities.


Cost Effective

Save time and money by investing in your future at AIBT. Recognised by universities Australia-wide, our fully accredited qualifications cost significantly less than going to university and can give you the equivalent to up to 1.5 years of a degree – meaning you pay less for the same quality education.


Experienced Trainers

Our qualified AIBT trainers all have real life experience in the business world, ensuring you get training which is up-to-date and valuable f Welcoming & Convenient or your future career.


Free English Language Support

AIBT wants you to improve your study skills, English level and academic performance. By enrolling in any of our Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Graduate Diploma courses, you automatically have free access to English Language Support delivered by our team of experienced English for Academic Purposes (EAP) trainers





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