Armenia permanent residence

If you are interested in long-term stay in Armenia we can help you to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit through one of the following programs:

Option 1 – “Residence Permit for Entrepreneurs” Program. This program is for those who are willing and able to set up any business in Armenia. There are no restrictions on the type of business you can do (e.g. retail store, import/export, farming, manufacturing, travel agency, consulting business etc.). There are no minimum investment requirements. You do not have to employ local staff or rent office space.

Option 2 – “Residence Permit for Investors” Program. Your registered business in Armenia invests USD 10,000 in bank deposits, government bonds and other low-risk investments. You can claim back your investment any time by giving a short notice.

How It Works: We will help you with 1) obtaining an Armenian visa, 2) setting up your business (registering a company) 3) preparing your dossier for a residence permit.

Time Frame: Only 30 days after your dossier is filed with the Passport Office. You do not have to stay in Armenia for 30 days. However, we strongly suggest that you plan to spend at least two weeks in Armenia.

Cost: USD 2,400 in legal fees, payable in three installments. The first payment, in the amount of USD 250, is made before an invitation letter is issued. The second payment, in the amount of USD 1,500, is made after your arrival to Armenia. The third payment, in the amount of USD 650, is a bonus payment made after you get your residence permit. In addition, you should expect to incur other expenses (government fees etc.) of approximately USD 300.

Family Members: Your family members (spouse, minor and adult children, parents, siblings) can apply for temporary residence permits after you get your residence permit. The permits will be issued in 30 days. The legal fees are $250 per person.  In addition, you  should expect to incur other expenses (government fees etc.) of approximately USD 300 per adult and USD 100 per child.

Guarantee of Success: We are not allowed by law to give guarantees to our clients. However, we have had a 100% success rate to day, and we will refund you all legal fees paid to us if the result is not positive. No result, no money.

Full Support: We are easily reachable. From the very beginning to the very end you will be supported and guided by us.

What You Get for Your Money: You and your family members will get one-year temporary residence permits, renewable indefinitely for one-year increments or a permanent residence permit, renewable every 5 years. You will get a properly registered company with a bank account and ready to do any business. We can arrange for any other services your business may need (accountants, customs brokers, real estate agents etc.).

Citizenship (Passport): It is possible to apply for Armenian passport (citizenship) after three years of maintaining your residence permit. You are not required to spend a certain number of days in Armenia to become eligible. After three years of maintaining your resident status you may apply for Armenian citizenship, provided you pass a test on the knowledge of Armenian Constitution. It is an easy multiple-choice test with 30 questions, and you need to answer correctly to 16 of them. However, the test is in Armenian language and you will need to spend some time learning Armenian language before you attempt to pass it.

What Business to Do in Armenia: There are opportunities to invest in agriculture, real estate, hospitality, tourism, retail & trade, financial services, IT, jewelry industry. If you do not want to set up a new business in Armenia you may want to invest money in bank deposits, government bonds and other low-risk investments.

Benefits: Armenia is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe with extremely low crime rate and practically no terrorism threat. Yerevan is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world. A residence permit will allow you and your family members to work for your business and take any other job without a work permit. In addition, after 3 years of residence you may become eligible for an Armenian passport, which is a valuable document allowing you to travel visa-free to dozens of countries. Please note that Armenia is not a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone.

What else should I know about Armenia? Please note that English is not widely spoken in Armenia. Most of the population speaks Armenian and Russian. If you plan to move to Armenia with children we suggest that you make the necessary arrangements beforehand. English-language private schools may be quite expensive. The unemployment rate in Armenia is still high and you may have difficulty finding a job. This is why this program is aimed at entrepreneurs and not job seekers.

How to Start? To start, please email your CV and request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.