Bank Management

Learn about banking risks and how regulators aim to minimise them.  We cover risk-weighted assets, capital, capital ratios and other regulatory measures.  We look at the Basel Committee, Basel I, II and III as well as regional responses to the recent financial crisis. And we consider current trends, the implications for profitability and the challenges facing banks.

Out comes: 

  • Understand how banks are regulated
  • Learn about Basel I, II and III
  • Appreciate the key concerns for a bank’s management
  • See how regulation affects banks’ decision-making and profitability


Introduction and objectives

 Banking risks

  • Bank assets and liabilities
  • What could go wrong?
  • Minimising the risks

Introduction to capital ratios

  • The Basel Committee
  • “Capital” for banks
  • Risk-weighted assets
  • Capital ratios in principle
  • Strengthening capital ratios

Capital ratios in practice

  • Capital ratios and Basel III
  • SIFIs and G-SIFIs
  • Capital ratio examples
  • Impact on banks

Current regulatory developments

  • New Basel III measures
  • Global implementation
  • Recent developments
  • Comments from example banks

Summary and conclusion

  • Summary
  • The future
  • What next?