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Best Opportunity for student 15 and 16 years old (Grade 10 & 11)









High School Foundation Programme is developed for international students seeking enrollment into Stage 1 of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). The Foundation Programme is designed for international students who have successfully completed Year 9. Students build capacity in using English as the language of instruction and join support classes to maximize success.

International Student


Our Promotion


Tuition Fee

$ 16000  per year

Tuition Fee

$ 7000  per year

Eligibility Criteria for this promotion:

Successful completion of Year 10
Minimum IELTS 6.0 or AEAS English Score 60+
Evidence of academic achievement at a high or exemplary level
Enrollment Interview

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ITC & Materials Fee $ 2500 per year ITC & Materials Fee $ 2500 per year
Uniform Fee $ 600 per year Uniform Fee $ 600 per year


Entry Requirements: 

First Semester Enrollment (January)
– Successful completion of Year 9
– Pass AIS English Entry Test

Subjects & Support Classes:

  • Personal Learning Plan
  • Intensive English
  • English for Mathematics
  • English for Science
  • English for Business
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Pastoral Care
  • Tutorial
  • Homeroom
  • Homework Club

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Pastoral Care
In pursuit of educating the whole child, AIS provides Pastoral Care classes for each year level. AIS understands the unique needs of international students. To help make these students’ stay as productive and successful as possible, AIS aims to provide a high level of care for each individual.
The aim of the Pastoral Care classes is to assist students’ personal and emotional development and well-being. Pastoral Care teachers facilitate contact between students, home-stay families, Student Services Officer, Counselor, subject teachers and Principal.

Tutorial is a time period where teachers and students are available for individual subject
assistance. Individual subject teacher discretion is used to guide students’ focus which may
include extension, clarifying and responding to any other academic needs of students.

This is a short time spent each day for the purpose of administration and organisation. Tasks include roll taking, daily notices, follow up of absenteeism, organising permissions for out of class activities and diary management.

Homework Club
There is an option for students to engage in Homework Club Monday to Thursday, after
formal lessons have finished for the day. This is a supervised time where students can work
independently or with assistance from a teacher or tutor.

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Student Accommodation
AIS currently offers Homestay Accommodation for international students. Our Homestay families
provide a warm friendly environment allowing a wonderful opportunity for International students to experience life in Australia where they can meet local people, understand Australian culture and practice English on daily basis.
All AIS homestay families have been inspected, briefed and are fully aware of their requirements to host an international student.

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